Right next to the Chancellor’s office, only a stone’s throw away from Berlin’s political circus, there is a tent, the operators of which have made it their job to do everything in their power to amuse, amaze and every now and again beguile their audience.

The TIPI AM KANZLERAMT, a marquee theatre with its impressive four supporting masts, is regarded as one of Berlin’s most exceptional event locations. Whether chanson, cabaret, variety, dance, daring artistry, musical comedy or magic – not only our visitors’ eyes and ears are delighted while here, but also their palate, as our own inhouse catering service serves high-quality and tasty cuisine.

In TIPI AM KANZLERAMT, well-known German and international artists perform their programmes every night, bringing back to life the brilliant variety of the 1920s – naturally, in a modern mantle. Artists like Tim Fischer, Gayle Tufts, Georgette Dee, Rainald Grebe and René Marik perform their latest productions. The greats in entertainment like Götz Alsmann, Dominique Horwitz and Gitte Haenning provide intelligent entertainment and international groups like the virtuosic Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, the Tom Tom Crew hip hop artists from Australia, the fabulous voices of the Scottish tenors Caledon or the Venetian master of transformation Ennio are regular guests in TIPI.

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Urban Entertainment

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TIPI is moving! August, 2009


The TIPI AM KANZLERAMT has been in Berlin since 2002 and delights with entertainment art on a large scale. The theatre is the younger but bigger sister of the BAR JEDER VERNUNFT. Two tents, one idea - because both "houses" feel committed to the demanding "art of entertainment". The TIPI AM KANZLERAMT is located in a place that is steeped in history for this genre! 

Not only was the former "Tempodrom" event tent on the same spot in the cult 80s, which became the epitome of a new generation with its alternative culture - no, already at the end of the 19th century people celebrated their stars here between the summer gardens and the Kroll Opera. And life. Address once as now: "In the tents".


Our matron Marlene Deluxe

email: marlene@tipi-am-kanzleramt.de

I hope that you will retain fond memories of your visit for a long time to come. I am happy to help you with personal bookings, special arrangements and any questions you might have concerning our theatres at all times. 

Marlene Deluxe

Holger Klotzbach

Phone: + 49 30 390 665 0
email: info@tipi-am-kanzleramt.de

Lutz Petrick
General Management

Phone: + 49 30 390 665 0
email: info@tipi-am-kanzleramt.de

Tom Ernst
Gala & Event Management

Phone: + 49 30 390 665 56
email: t.ernst@tipi-am-kanzleramt.de

Franziska Kessler & Lutz Deisinger 
Artistic Administration

Phone: + 49 30 885 692 0
email: booking@tipi-am-kanzleramt.de

Doreen Leupelt
Head of  Marketing

Phone: + 49 30 390 665 11
email: d.leupelt@tipi-am-kanzleramt.de

Andrea Roman Würth

Phone: + 49 30 390 665 16
email: a.wuerth@tipi-am-kanzleramt.de

Sabine Wenger
Chief Press Officer - Press & Public Relations

Phone: + 49 30 390 665 65
email: s.wenger@tipi-am-kanzleramt.de

Pia Woldt
Ticketing Management

Phone: + 49 30 390 665 51
email: p.woldt@tipi-am-kanzleramt.de

Max Joos
Production Management

Phone: + 49 30 390 665 18
email: m.joos@tipi-am-kanzleramt.de

Margit Vogt

Phone: + 49 30 390 665 17
email: m.vogt@tipi-am-kanzleramt.de