October 10 to 13, 2019

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Music & Comedy

As always, Rebecca is beautiful, clever and very funny while Colin remains cool, smart and very vocal. Joe, the third member of the band, is old. And a cello.

With his bow they span the entire musical universe from Bach and Brahms, Bond and Beatles to Britpop and Billy Jean. Arid dry understatement causes tears of bubbling laughter when they mock themselves and their fellow Berliners - skilfully lascivious, mercilessly silly, delightfully ironic and always with a musical treat alongside.

The award-winning British duo shares highlights, milestones and, of course, their love of music and comedy with the audience - all delivered brilliantly, charmingly and wittily as usual. Whether it's original songs or songs you've heard of before, Carrington Brown's interpretations are always unique and have now become her trademark.

Rebecca and Colin speak German to the audience.

For more information about the artists, please visit: www.carrington-brown.com

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An extraordinarily talented threesome (…) virtuoso music, British humour and cheeky ideas.

Thüringer Allgemeine