February 01 to March 31, 2019


Frau Luna
Operette in zwei Akten

Von Paul Lincke


TIPI TV: Frau Luna

Frau Luna - Trailer


Frau Luna, Herrin des Mondes: Andreja Schneider (Die Geschwister Pfister)

Prinz Sternschnuppe: Gustav Peter Wöhler

Stella, Lunas Zofe: Anna Mateur

Theophil, Haushofmeister auf dem Mond: Tobias Bonn (Die Geschwister Pfister)

Frau Pusebach, Witwe: Christoph Marti (Die Geschwister Pfister)

Marie, ihre Nichte: Sharon Brauner

Fritz Steppke, Mechaniker: Benedikt Eichhorn

Lämmermeier, Schneider: Merten Schroedter

Pannecke, Steuerbeamter a.D.: Max Gertsch

Venus: Cora Frost · Fausto Israel

Mars: Aykut Kayacık · Fausto Israel

Frl. Groom: Ades Zabel · Fausto Israel


Meri Ahmaniemi
Natacza Soozie Boon 
Chiara Cook
Hayley Coxon
Vicki Douglas
Marides Lazo

Anke Merz
Nicola Milford
Carolin Schönemann
Eléonore Turri
Olivia Ward
Eva Zamostny

Berlin Mondharmoniker

Musikalische Leitung / Flügel: Johannes Roloff
Bass / Tuba: Jürgen Schäfer
Trompete: Vít Polák · Semjon Barlas
Schlagwerk: Immo Hofmann · Marcin Lonak · Michael Rowalska · Christoph Grahl · Brigitte Haas
Klarinette: James Scannell · Robert Mudrinic · Karola Elßner

Posaune: Daniel Busch · Till Krause
Flöte: Barbara Oelze · Gerrit Fröhlich
Keyboard: Philipp Cieslewicz · Andreas Wisbauer
Violine: Rahel Rilling · Yemi Gonzales · Rodrigo Bauzá 
Viola: Kim Esther Roloff 
Violoncello: Cehie Kim

Regie: Bernd Mottl

Arrangements & Musikalische Leitung: Johannes Roloff

Bühnenbild: Friedrich Eggert

Kostüme: Heike Seidler

Choreografie: Christopher Tölle

Dramaturgie: Ilka Seifert

Maske: Oliver Hildebrandt

Choreografische Mitarbeit: Chiara Cook

Fritz Steppke is a genuine Berliner. He has invented a stratosphere express balloon, with which he finally wants to fly to the Moon with his friends Lämmermeier and Pannecke. Their aim is to meet the Man in the Moon there. Steppke’s sweetheart, Marie, doesn’t think much of this plan. She and her aunt, who is also Fritz Steppke’s landlady, consider the idea to be pure madness and try to prevent the journey to the Moon. To everyone’s surprise, however, the Berliners actually do land on the Moon, where the three friends and their involuntary co-passenger, Frau Pusebach, are not exactly given a warm welcome by Theophil, the major-domo and groom there. Theophil is very busy at the moment doing everything in his power to win back his bride Stella. During his last visit to Earth during an eclipse of the Moon, he had a flying in Tiergarten with – of all people – Frau Pusebach.
To the amazement of the travellers, the Man in the Moon turns out to be a merry widow who falls for Fritz Steppke, while Prinz Sternschnuppe has spent millennia trying to win over the affections of Frau Luna. Frau Luna is delighted about the arrival of the unusual guests from Earth, especially as the stars are currently visiting the Moon together with Venus and Mars. Entanglements galore. And all the Berliners really wanted to do was have a look around ...
Theophil has the right idea, and when Prinz Sternschnuppe picks up Marie from Earth in his Milky Way Cruiser, all of the couples find their way happily to one another in the end. Whether on the Moon or on the River Spree, as is commonly known, there is nothing that can really unsettle a true Berliner. And a true Berliner loves nothing more than the famous Berliner Luft.

Copyright: Apollo-Verlag Paul Linke GmbH, Mainz



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