April 30 to May 22, 2024

Gayle Tufts
Please Don't Stop the Music


Gayle Tufts has been living in Germany for over 30 years. A German citizen since 2017, the American-born actress has firmly established herself in the German entertainment scene and in the heart of Berlin with her ravishing "Dinglish". "Dinglish" – a poetically mix of German and English, with which she elegantly bridges the gap between her hometown of Brockton via Buffalo, Broadway and Bielefeld to Berlin. Full of energy and self-mockery, the powerful-voiced singer looks at herself, her first and her second home, whereby the stage performance reveals that she originally came to Berlin as a dancer. In her new programme, Gayle sings and tells of seven nights that changed her life – one look, one sound, one movement, and life takes a different turn!  

An evening full of newly interpreted classics, fresh songs and surprising stories. Glamorous and passionate, Gayle Tufts presents the important issues in the here and now – always in the glittering light of her own unique perspectives. As always, she is supported by the musical accompaniment of her congenial stage partner - the award-winning film and television composer Marian Lux.

For more information about the artist, please visit: www.gayle-tufts.de