May 30, 2022

Gustav Peter Wöhler Band
Love Is The Drug

Music Show

Gustav Peter Wöhler has been as an actor and one of the famous faces of German theatre, cinema and television for many years. He has also been on the road for 22 years as a singer with the Gustav Peter Wöhler Band, dedicating himself to his love of scaled down cover versions of rock 'n' roll and pop classics.

Performers: Gustav Peter Wöhler (Vocal), Mirko Michalzik (Guitar), Olaf Casimir (Bass), Kai Fischer (Keyboard)

The sexiest man alive!

Die Süddeutsche Zeitung

Gustav Peter Wöhler Band: 
Kai Fischer (Vocal)
Olaf Casimir (Piano)
Mirko Michalzik (Bass)

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