November 09 to 11, 2023

Starbugs Comedy
JUMP! – Reloaded

Visual Comedy

Starbugs Comedy are the high-flyers of the Swiss show scene and have been internationally successful for years. From New York to Tokyo, the three comedians have played their way into the hearts of audiences with their unique mix of dance, acrobatics and non-verbal comedy.  

Their new programme "JUMP! - Reloaded" is refreshing, crazy and tremendously funny! Under the direction of Nadja Sieger, a brilliant spectacle has been created. Comedy without words, convincing with timing and rhythm. Props and costumes are used sparingly but effectively. Fabian Berger, Martin Burtscher and Wassilis Reigel jump, dance and ride through their sketches like living cartoons. The three Swiss don't tell jokes, they act them out, meticulously timed. It is unique how synchronously they can move and stand in the way at the same time, like an elegant modern version of the Marx Brothers.  

Directed by Nadja Sieger (known as "Nadeschkin" from "Ursus and Nadeschkin").

Definitely a different, very unique kind of comedy.

RBB Kultur

The Swiss' urge to move is only surpassed by their madness. Hoverboards with hairdryer controls flit from left to right, hoovers are misused or old arcade beating games a la "Golden Axe" are imitated so skilfully that even Bud Spencer and Terence Hill could still learn a lot.

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