April 12 to 17, 2022

The Capital Dance Orchestra
Berlin, Du coole Sau!

Sharon Brauner and Meta Hüper

Music Show

Dear guests, unfortunately the performances "The Capital Dance Orchestra - Berlin, Du coole Sau!" on 18 & 19 January 2022 cannot take place.  

We will be happy to prepare a voucher for you or, of course, refund the money for your purchased tickets. Our ticket team will contact you as soon as possible. We regret the cancellation and hope for your understanding.

“And Berlin was Sodom und Gomorrah” were words written by Bertolt Brecht in 1928 referring to what was at that time the world’s third biggest city. The spirit of nights that never want to end is something the city has never lost to the present day. A city that never slows down. 

The Capital Dance Orchestra, with its sensational singers Sharon Brauner and Meta Hüper, presents some brilliant musical time travel through the unique atmosphere of this unforgettable city and the glitziness and glamour of Berlin’s legendary dance halls. 

From Swing to Techno, from Marlene Dietrich to Seeed: The Capital Dance Orchestra builds a bridge between the city’s golden age to the present day. 

With Sharon Brauner und Meta Hüper 
Dance: Lola La Tease

Director: Sharon Brauner 
Musical direction: David Canisius 
Make-up & costumes: Oliver Hildebrandt

For more information about the artists, please visit: www.capital-dance.com | www.sharonbrauner.de | metahueper.com