March 07 to 17, 2024

Berlin, Du coole Sau! Die Berlin-Revue
The Capital Dance Orchestra feat. Sharon Brauner & Meta Hüper

With Ades Zabel

Music Show

From the Golden Twenties to the new Twenties: "Berlin, Du coole Sau!" (lit. ‘Berlin, you cool cat!’) is an energetic musical trip through the last 100 years of eventful history of this extraordinary city. "And Berlin was Sodom and Gomorrah," Bertolt Brecht wrote about the metropolis in 1928. That's what it has remained – fortunately – to this day: a sleepless refuge for the non-conformist in search of adventure.

In this journey through time, which starts in the Luna Park of the 1920s and ends in today's Berghain, the renowned Capital Dance Orchestra prepares a sparkling musical backdrop for the two singers Sharon Brauner and Meta Hüper - who are also responsible for the ideas, content and musical direction of this ambitious project. From Swing to Love Parade, from Marlene Dietrich to Seeed - accompanied by the Capital Dance Orchestra, the singers build a musical bridge from the golden era to Berlin's glittering present.

"Berlin, du coole Sau!": the long overdue musical homage to a unique city.

A 'must' for anyone who loves Berlin!

With Sharon Brauner und Meta Hüper 
Dance: Lola La Tease

The Capital Dance Orchestra

Director: Sharon Brauner 
Musical direction: David Canisius 
Make-up & costumes: Oliver Hildebrandt