October 20 to November 28, 2021

Ursli & Toni Pfister als Cindy & Bert
So, als ob du schwebtest

Mit den Jo Roloff-Singers & Band

Music & Show

Ursli & Toni Pfister invite us to their big "Saturday Evening Show", which takes us on a tour of the world of German hit music from the 1970s. As archetypes from the German hit music business of that era, "Cindy & Bert" are at the centre of the show. 

With a love of detail that we have come to expect from the Pfisters, the duo is portrayed authentically but with tongue firmly in cheek. And behind the seemingly harmless retro show, we are allowed to glimpse an absurdly monstrous caricature of the entertainment industry. Between perfect imitation and wicked parody, the Pfisters expose the hypocritical image of the entertainment industry without losing respect for the individual artists involved.

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Musical direction: Johannes Roloff 
Costumes: Heike Seidler 
Stage Design: Stephan Prattes 
Wigs: Benjamin Kiss & Urte Kusserow 
Photos and graphics: Fokke Hoekman 
Choreography and co-director: Danny Costello 

Johannes Roloff Singer & Dancer: 
Chiara Cook, Robert Johansson, Anke Merz, Caro Schönemann und Tobias Stemmer 

Piano & Keyboards: Johannes Roloff 
Guitars: Gary Schmalzl 
Bass & Vocals: Jürgen Schäfer 
Drums & Vocals: Immo Hofmann 
Trumpet: Vit Polák 
Trombone: Daniel Busch / Till Krause  
Saxophone & Clarinet: James Scannell / Frank Lüdecke 

For more information about the artists, please visit: geschwister-pfister.de

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