March 01 to 03, 2024

Vladimir Korneev
Vladimir Korneev singt Edith Piaf

LE DROIT D’AIMER – Das Recht zu lieben


Vladimir Korneev's homage to the great artist celebrates her outcry for the right to love, which could hardly be more urgent and topical in today's world. 60 years after Edith Piaf's death, the actor and singer interprets her life's work in all the colours of his rich, nuanced and expressive baritone: A woman who was not a victim, but lived and loved authentically and radically according to her own rules.  

Korneev presents both well-known hymns and hidden gems in new, personalised arrangements. He is accompanied by his congenial concert pianist and arranger Markus Syperek, Oleg Nehls on accordion and Tom Auffarth on bass.

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