Satire Musical

September 26 to 30, 2018

Sarg Niemals Nie
Ein Musical zum Totlachen

von Dominik Wagner, Jörn-Felix Alt & Christoph Reuter

This show is not suitable for non-German speaking visitors as German language knowledge is required.

Physical Comedy

October 04 to 07 / 27 & 28, 2018

Berlin Premiere

The Umbilical Brothers
The Best of the Worst of the Best of The Umbilical Brothers

With their insanely funny mix of comedy, sound, pantomime, puppetry, acting, agility and wild fun, The Umbilical Brothers are Australia's biggest comedy export. Named by “Entertainment Weekly” as two of the “100 most creative people in the entertainment industry”, David Collins and Shane Dundas have appeared on Letterman's Late Show, after James Brown in Woodstock and before the Queen of...

Music comedy

October 21, 2018

Carrington-Brown feat. The Swonderful Orchestra
Comedy meets Classics

Conducted by Clíodhna Ní Aodáin

Rebecca Carrington and Colin Brown, the likeable and multi-award-winning music and comedy duo are known above all for their charming crossovers between Classic and Pop in combination with their unbeatable, pertinent British humour. The two have now made a dream come true by creating a brand new, entertaining and exciting show. Rebecca Carrington and the Irish conductor Clíodhna Ní Aodáin both...

Music Show

October 23 & 24, 2018

Double Drums
Groove Symphonies

In Groove Symphonies, the prize-winning percussion duo lets off a rhythmical firework show using more than 500 percussion instruments and everyday objects. Alexander Glöggler and Philipp Jungk fuse the worlds of classical, world music and popular music bringing together people with very different musical tastes. Film music rich in imagery encounters breath-taking drum art, rhythm symphonies and...

A cappella

October 25, 2018

Muttis Kinder
Das epische Pogramm

Three young, up-and-coming artists who belong to the emergent Berlin scene present an extensive repertoire in their magical a-cappella programme, ranging from Lykke Li, Rihanna and Emiliana Torrini, and from the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren to Metallica. Claudia Graue, Marcus Melzwig and Christopher Nell are bringing to the stage a show full of acoustic surprise attacks, bringing together...


October 26, 2018

Wladimir Kaminer
Die Kreuzfahrer

This show is not suitable for non-German speaking visitors as German language knowledge is required.


October 29 & November 26, 2018

Florian Schroeder präsentiert: Die große radioeins Satireshow
Florian Schroeder & Gäste

This show is not suitable for non-German speaking visitors as German language knowledge is required.

Music Show

October 31 - November 18, 2018

Die Geschwister Pfister
Wie wär’s, wie wär’s?

Die Geschwister Pfister in der Toskana

The Geschwister Pfister have been a cult cabaret trio for 20 years. They are known and loved in German-speaking countries for their typical German songs from the 1950s to the 1970s. You can still enjoy their gentle satirical humour despite only a little knowledge of German. The story - the Pfisters set off on a journey through time to discover Italy. In their luggage of course they have the Jo...

Music Show

November 12, 2018 & September 22, 2019

Gustav Peter Wöhler Band
Behind Blue Eyes

Gustav Peter Wöhler has been as an actor and one of the famous faces of German theatre, cinema and television for many years. He has also been on the road for 22 years as a singer with the Gustav Peter Wöhler Band, dedicating himself to his love of scaled down cover versions of rock 'n' roll and pop classics. Performers: Gustav Peter Wöhler (Vocal), Mirko Michalzik (Guitar), Olaf Casimir...

Music Show

November 21 to December 09, 2018

Die große Ass-Dur Weihnachtsshow

Benedikt Zeitner and Dominik Wagner invite you to a very special sleigh ride with their fabulous Christmas show - the ultimate icing on the cake of this ingenious music comedy duo - which combines music, comedy, history and spirituality in an unforgettably funny way!  This highly talented duo is accompanied by the legendary Heilig-A-Band. And none of your wishes will be left out: 24 show doors...

Music show

January 10 to 13, 2019

Gitte Haenning & Band
Meine Freunde, meine Helden, Ihre Gitte!

In her new concert evening Gitte Haenning impressively performs a whole host of her favourite songs, the songs of her friends and heroes. She astonishes with stylish jazz, groovy sound, cheerful swing and moving soul. Pure life! This Danish actress and singer has been a huge star in Germany for decades. With a powerful and immensely versatile voice, Gitte Haenning guides us through her...

Puppet comedy

January 17 to 19, 2019

Martin Reinl & Carsten Haffke
Unter Puppen

Die neue Puppen-Comedyshow mit Wiwaldi, Kakerlak und dem alten Zirkuspferd Horst-Pferdinand.

This show is not suitable for non-German speaking visitors as German language knowledge is required.


February 01 to March 31, 2019


Frau Luna
Operette in zwei Akten

Von Paul Lincke

TIPI TV: Frau Luna


July 11 to September 15, 2019


The Musical

Welcome to the Kit Kat Club right next to the Chancellor’s office! The TIPI AM KANZLERAMT becomes a cabaret, hosting the world-famous musical about life, passion and despair in Berlin under the darkening skies of approaching fascism. Based on true events and real lives, CABARET portrays the experiences of the English writer Christopher Isherwood, who lived in the Berlin district of Schöneberg...