Puppet comedy

January 17 to 19, 2019

Martin Reinl & Carsten Haffke
Unter Puppen

Die neue Puppen-Comedyshow mit Wiwaldi, Kakerlak und dem alten Zirkuspferd Horst-Pferdinand.

This show is not suitable for non-German speaking visitors as German language knowledge is required.


February 01 to March 31, 2019


Frau Luna
Operette in zwei Akten

Von Paul Lincke

TIPI TV: Frau Luna

Music & Comedy

February 05, October 07 & November 11, 2019

Die Werkschau: 1. bis 3. Satz

Ass-Dur is the leading musical comedy duo in Germany. Thats easy, because there is only one. Despite that they won 22 comedy awards (including the European Comedy Award). Now they are ready to conquer the world - with a very interesting name: Ass-Dur. Ass-Dur shows very intelligent comedy (Benedikt) and very not intelligent comedy (Dominik). The show is a mix of classical music with pop and...

A cappella

February 17, 2019

Queen: A Night at the Opera - remastered

An extraordinary a cappella group takes on an extraordinary challenge. Four gifted singers interpret in their very own way one of the best concept albums in music history: A Night at the Opera by Queen. At the heart of this Dutch-German vocal ensemble, Rock4, the strong voice of Luc Devens (tenor) shines out, and his sensibility and vocal power will excite any fan of Freddie Mercury. He is...

Gourmet Show

February 26, 2019

eat! berlin
Ess-Tour mit Ass-Dur

Das Feinschmeckerfestival | Sechs Adlon-Köche, zwei Kabarettisten, ein Theaterzelt

Few spots better exemplify the intersection between entertainment and culinary arts than the TIPI AM KANZLERAMT. Prize-winning musical cabaret duo Ass-Dur combines incomparable humor and quick slapstick numbers set to classic and modern music. The meal covers 4 courses prepared by 6 high-ranking chefs from the Adlon Kempinski: Kai Weigand, executive chef at Sra Bua by Tim Raue; Steffen Holle...

A cappella

April 05 to 07, 2019

Berlin Premiere


The lyrics are in german language.

A cappella

April 10, 2019

In Farbe

Bei ihrer letzten Show „Freizeichen“ überraschten die fünf Jungs von basta mit dem Büroshanty „Cut, copy & paste“. In ihrem neuen Programm „In Farbe“ toppen sie dies mit der Dancenummer „Reggaeton im Altersheim“ – wieder eine so unwahrscheinliche wie geniale Kombination zweier Welten, die nach einmaligen Hören nicht mehr voneinander zu trennen sind. Diese irrwitzigen...

Music & Comedy

April 11 & 12, 2019

Rainald Grebe & Die Kapelle der Versöhnung
Das Wigwamkonzert

Brandneue Songs und Klassiker, Halbgares, Improvisiertes und Abgehangenes.

This show is not suitable for non-German speaking visitors as German language knowledge is required.

Music Show

April 13, 2019

Keimzeit Akustik Quintett

Norbert Leisegang - Vocals, Guitar Gabriele Kienast - Violin, Vocals Christian Schwechheimer - Drums, Percussion, Vocals Martin Weigel - Guitars, Vocals Hartmut Leisegang - Double Bass, Mandolin

A cappella

April 14, 2019

Muttis Kinder
Best of: Unsere Greates Hitst

Three young, up-and-coming artists who belong to the emergent Berlin scene present an extensive repertoire in their magical a-cappella programme, ranging from Lykke Li, Rihanna and Emiliana Torrini, and from the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren to Metallica. Claudia Graue, Marcus Melzwig and Christopher Nell are bringing to the stage a show full of acoustic surprise attacks, bringing together...


April 15 & May 20, 2019

Florian Schroeder präsentiert: Die große radioeins Satireshow
Florian Schroeder & Gäste

This show is not suitable for non-German speaking visitors as German language knowledge is required.

Comedy Show

April 16 to 21, 2019

The Living Paper Cartoon Vol. 2

In collaboration with Glynis Henderson Productions

ENNIO is the great master of illusion and has already wowed Berlin audiences on several occasions with his unique metamorphic skills. He creates a magic world, a hilarious, dazzling revue of our favourite stars and starlets. It is astounding to see Mona Lisa transform into Marilyn Monroe, or when the three tenors suddenly become – donna e mobile – ultrablonde Dolly Parton. And before you can...

Music & Show

April 23 to May 05, 2019

German Premiere

The Fabulous Singlettes
The Return of the Fabulous Singlettes.

Here they come, the top comic trio of the Anglo-Australian musical comedy scene – Naomi Eyers, Gina Hogan and Melissa Langton: in short The Fabulous Singlettes! Making lurid bouffants for both hips and hairdos, these dazzling blondes bamboozle through a repertoire of American and British pop from the sixties and seventies through to the present day, from the Supremes to the Sugarbabes and back...


May 07 to 12 / October 01 to 06, 2019

Dominique Horwitz
Dominique Horwitz singt Brel

On Brel's 90th birthday Dominique Horwitz returns to the TIPI AM KANZLERAMT with songs from the repertoire of the Belgian genius. Jacques Brel passed away at the early age of fifty. But his songs live on. “Ne me quitte pas” and “Amsterdam” and many other songs of his are music legends. The French actor and singer, Dominique Horwitz, brings Brel's hits as well as treasures that have...

Music Show

May 15 to 19, 2019

Dee Frost Welt - Lieder
Georgette Dee, Cora Frost & Die Dreamboys

“Diva gut” was the name of the legendary show in which Georgette Dee & Cora Frost last appeared together on stage 20 years ago. Berlin's most famous underground divas are still good - if not even better than ever! At last, these two heavenly creatures have a new, sparkling show named “DEE FROST WELT-Lieder”, which is based on their very own special view of the world. The world in...

Music Show

June 11 to July 06, 2019

The 12 Tenors
Best of-Tour

The twelve charismatic bundles of energy take off on their Millennium Tour - a homage to the world hits of the last hundred years! In their latest show, the 12 exceptional singers present their version of music history with confidence and enthusiasm. They recall songs of the most diverse genres in an intense and unique way: songs that have shaped pop and rock culture, ballads and classical arias...


July 12 to September 15, 2019 / July 31 to September 27, 2020


The Berlin-Musical

Welcome to the Kit Kat Club right next to the Chancellor’s office! The TIPI AM KANZLERAMT becomes a cabaret, hosting the world-famous musical about life, passion and despair in Berlin under the darkening skies of approaching fascism. Based on true events and real lives, CABARET portrays the experiences of the English writer Christopher Isherwood, who lived in the Berlin district of Schöneberg...

Music Show

September 22, 2019

Gustav Peter Wöhler Band
Behind Blue Eyes

Gustav Peter Wöhler has been as an actor and one of the famous faces of German theatre, cinema and television for many years. He has also been on the road for 22 years as a singer with the Gustav Peter Wöhler Band, dedicating himself to his love of scaled down cover versions of rock 'n' roll and pop classics. Performers: Gustav Peter Wöhler (Vocal), Mirko Michalzik (Guitar), Olaf Casimir...