Music Show

December 01 to 03 & 16 to 22, 2023

Die große Ass-Dur Weihnachtsshow

Dominik and Florian Wagner invite you to a very special sleigh ride with their fabulous Christmas show - the ultimate icing on the cake of this ingenious music comedy duo - which combines music, comedy, history and spirituality in an unforgettably funny way!  This highly talented duo is accompanied by the legendary Heilig-A-Band. And none of your wishes will be left out: 24 show doors will...


December 09 & 10, 2023

Georgette Dee
Georgette Dee singt

On piano Terry Truck

Georgette Dee sings about the life behind the life. Why we persevere, why we fall and get up again. Grand gestures, soft tones, pointed nastiness, casual provocations, poignant chansons. True divas can do that. And Georgette can do it anyway. She sings and tells furiously of great feelings even in small moments. Her songs shed new light on the world, make life difficult and then easy again....


December 13, 2023

Notes of Berlin
Joab Nist

"Budgie escaped - colour doesn't matter": Joab Nist has been collecting these and other bizarre notes for many years in Berlin and founded his collection NOTES OF BERLIN on 10 October 2010, now one of the most widely read blogs in this country with over 500,000 subscribers.   Since 2022 to be experienced in the BAR JEDER VERNUNFT and in the TIPI AM KANZLERAMT: an exquisite NOTES OF BERLIN...

Music Show

December 23, 2023

Gitte Haenning
Für IMMER und NEU 2023

Gitte Haenning, accompanied by Sebastian Weiß on the grand piano and Olaf Casimir on the bass, presents her favourite songs musically fresh and lively in this fine, small line-up. For a good 60 years now, this artist has been standing - no, singing and jumping - on stage, both vocally and as a person. In 2023, she gives her music, her stories and her passions an expressive new and exciting look....


December 25 to 30, 2023

Ursli & Toni Pfister
Servus Peter - Oh là là Mireille

Mit dem Jo Roloff Trio

This show is all about Peter Alexander and Mireille Mathieu. Ursli and Toni Pfister are nonchalant and cheeky. They stand for exciting German hits, howling lard and charm.

Music & Cabaret

January 02 to 04, 2023

Pigor & Eichhorn mit Band
New Year's concert

Is it chanson, comedy, cabaret, concert or a show? You could call it SalonHipHop and CabaretCool but they still don't quite capture the genre of the all-encompassing gifts and talents of the Thomas Pigor and Benedikt Eichhorn duo. They are extremely political and intellectual, hilariously funny and witty, they broach love and despair, the restrictions of human existence as well as the little...

Puppet comedy

January 11 to 14, 2023

Martin Reinl & Carsten Haffke
Unter Puppen

Die Puppen-Comedyshow mit Wiwaldi, Kakerlak und dem alten Zirkuspferd Horst-Pferdinand.

Martin Reinl and Carsten Haffke slip into more than 40 different roles in 2 hours. A look behind the scenes of TV puppetry is given here as well as the secret of how a brand new show is created every evening. Finally, the two puppet comedy players improvise according to the audience's wishes and suggestions. In addition to Horst-Pferdinand and Wiwaldi, the shy assistant Charming Traudl and the...


January 15 to 21, 2024

Siegfried & Joy
Lass Vegas! - Die Zaubershow

Sensational illusions packed in an explosion of glitter, fun and tiger skin – that’s what we always look forward to from Siegfried & Joy. Not only were they celebrated by numerous theatres and festivals for their prizewinning debut show, the press was also unisono in its praise following the cometlike ascent of the magic duo: “Who needs Las Vegas?”  Charged with the pent-up euphoria that...

Music Show

January 24 to 28, 2024

Maren Kroymann & Band
In My Sixties

Maren Kroymann is a very well known and respected actress in Germany, who has been performing her songs with great success for many years. For her 60th birthday, Maren Kroymann has also called her new show "In My Sixties". She dedicates it to the music of the 60s with an unbiased view, uninhibited panache and fresh interest on the occasion of her pending personal anniversary of "50 years of...

Variety Show

February 02 to 04, 2024

Paul Morocco & Olé!
Olé! - The Flamenco Comedy Show

Europe's craziest Spaniards are back in Berlin. Paul Morocco, Miguel Sotelo and Ruben Alvear Olmedo conjure up their magic of comedy, music, artistry and dance with a dynamic show which altogether redefines "power" in cabaret.  Take flamenco's typical ingredients like rhythm, tempo and intensity and connect all of this with some breathtaking juggling. Whether it's table-tennis balls, citrus...

Music & Comedy

February 06 to 11, 2024


Every evening is a unique experience, funny and highly musical, full of magic and comedy, song and slapstick. Be there when the brothers create songs on stage that no one has ever heard before and musically fight out who is the better one - with piano, charm and violin. Listen to inimitable melodies and bad jokes and experience what it means to be siblings. In german

Music Show

February 13 to 17, 2024

Queenz of Piano
Classical Music That Rocks

The Queenz of Piano are Jennifer Rüth and Ming, two award-winning pianists. A feast for the eyes with their two concert pianos, they transform the evening into a consummate work of art, bringing alongside their own composition works like Beethoven’s Ode to Joy or Happy by Pharell Williams. Or Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude which encounters the energy-laden dance beats of Eye of the Tiger. ...

Comedy Show

February 20 to 24, 2024

The Living Paper Cartoon Vol. 2

In collaboration with Glynis Henderson Productions

ENNIO is the great master of illusion and has already wowed Berlin audiences on several occasions with his unique metamorphic skills. He creates a magic world, a hilarious, dazzling revue of our favourite stars and starlets. It is astounding to see Mona Lisa transform into Marilyn Monroe, or when the three tenors suddenly become – donna e mobile – ultrablonde Dolly Parton. And before you can...


March 01 to 03, 2024

Vladimir Korneev
Vladimir Korneev singt Edith Piaf

LE DROIT D’AIMER – Das Recht zu lieben

Vladimir Korneev's homage to the great artist celebrates her outcry for the right to love, which could hardly be more urgent and topical in today's world. 60 years after Edith Piaf's death, the actor and singer interprets her life's work in all the colours of his rich, nuanced and expressive baritone: A woman who was not a victim, but lived and loved authentically and radically according to her...


July 13 to October 06, 2024


The Berlin-Musical

Where it really happened

Welcome to the Kit Kat Club right next to the Chancellor’s office! The TIPI AM KANZLERAMT becomes a cabaret, hosting the world-famous musical about life, passion and despair in Berlin under the darkening skies of approaching fascism. Based on true events and real lives, CABARET portrays the experiences of the English writer Christopher Isherwood, who lived in the Berlin district of Schöneberg...